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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Installing Multiple Instances on Windows Server 2003
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 16:49:48 GMT
> From: Steve G.B. []
> I've created a VM with 4 VCores, and all of the cores are
> allocated to the VM.

OK, so 50% CPU = 2 cores maxed out.  Out of interest, is it 25% with only one Tomcat started?

> I'm using Sun JVM 1.6, and stressing the Guest with
> Loadrunner on another
> machine (if you ask: this machine with loadrunner isn't the
> bottleneck)
> No Databases, no I/O requests, no Network saturation.


Given that you're getting exactly 50% CPU use (it *is* exact, right?) that indicates the test
harness is very unlikely to be the problem.  It would almost certainly bottleneck at some
other CPU value.

> that's why I think it's the JVM.
> For my tests I used the standard demo webapp in Loarunner
> (Mercury Tours),
> and a couple of stupid jsp pages. So Apache and Tomcat both.

I'll highlight that to the folks who know the demo app better: does it run properly under
load?  I'd assume so...

> Fun thing is that when using Tomcat and Apache combined, I
> can get an 80-85% CPU Utilization.

Yes.  If you've got httpd passing everything through it as well, you'll increase the CPU load
- that's expected!

> Problem is that for my tests I need
> something more simple and the same server.

Yes.  Why add complexity when it's not required? :-)

> How do you saturate an 8-core host?

With some reasonably complex code in the JSPs :-).  Out of interest, if your JSPs call something
that loops a couple of million times before returning, what happens to the CPU use?

                - Peter

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