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From Dennis Thrysøe <>
Subject Re: Automatic restart?
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 07:46:17 GMT

On 26Nov, 2007, at 21:30, Mark Thomas wrote:

> Dennis Thrysøe wrote:
>> Is there some mechanism that restarts when all threads are stuck, or
>> after some timeout? Is this configurable.
> In short, there is no such mechanism. Is some other software  
> monitoring
> Tomcat and restarting it if it fails?

No. But I see the pause and stop messages from tomcat and some  
"closing down" stuff from my own Filter.destroy(). However this  
destroy method throws an exception (my fault) which leaves things in a  
bad state.

It seems that the "guts" of the webapp have been closed down, but  
requests are still being served.

Tomcat 5.5.17 by the way.

This isn't really a super-important problem, since the root-cause  
needs to be fixed under any circumstances. I'm just curious on how the  
webapp/servlet container can enter such a state.

What about when tomcat closes down. Will it eventually (after a  
timeout) call Filter.destroy() even if there are still threads  
executing within it?

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