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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: CLASSPATH, .jar files, packages, and so forth
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 15:07:40 GMT
The servlet spec describes how webapps are supposed to be layed out.  
The general layout template in tomcat is

|  <webapps>
|    <webapp1>
|      WEB-INF (note this must be all caps and case IS important)
|        classes (where to put non-jarred class files)
|        lib (where to put webapp specific jar libraries)
|    <webapp2>
|      (see webapp1 for layout)
|    <webapp3>
|       (see webapp1 for layout)


Mann, Ivan H wrote:

>Yes, I am using applets.
>>Why fight the way its meant to be packaged.... 
>So, is there a link somewhere that tells the ways it's meant to be
>I took out all of the CLASSPATH setting that I done, I moved the .jar
>file to the webapps/<app> directory, and it still doesn't work.  How do
>I tell Tomcat when using applets to use a .jar file?
>Ivan Mann
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