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From "Wizard of OS" <>
Subject Re: Usage of ContainerServlet
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 16:25:15 GMT

Hi Christopher,
> Mike,
> > A timeout is set but I want to purge all session for the same IP
> > which are older than the most current session.
> Are you observing a lot of sessions being created by a single remote
> client? How many? 2 or 3, or 100 or so? What is your session timeout?
> How much stuff do you have laying around in the session?
> I'm just curious what's happening to you. Are you sure you need
> something like this?

During a day we have several hundred users which could produce 15-20 session per user. Session
timeout is set to 11 hours which is part of work contract limitations. This can't be changed.
Every session can have a few hundred kilobytes but that number isn't certain because we didn't
make a complete test yet.
The issue basically is that we have to track what users do to track down errors during some
processes and avoid maintance clutter by zombie sessions.

I hope this made it clearer.

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