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From "Joshua J. Fielek" <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5 Java instance issue...
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2007 20:00:46 GMT
Hey folks --

We have an install of tomcat 5.5 (JRE is 1.5) running a set of instances of our application
(Centric CRM). The OS is a Linux flavor. On occasion, java usage spikes to roughly 99% of
CPU, and memory usage spikes as well, bringing the entire system to its virtual knees. The
app does use a fair amount of database access (Postgres 8.X -- don't know the exact version
on this install, but I can find out).

Are there any known issues with Tomcat 5.5 that could cause this? I've been googling about
a little, but haven't seen anything specific yet.

Any insights would be appreciated.


Joshua J. Fielek
Sr. Software Engineer
Centric CRM
223 East City Hall Ave., Suite 212
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone  : (757) 627-3002x6656
Mobile : (757) 754-4462
Fax    : (757) 627-8773
Email  :

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