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From "Jeff Schindler" <>
Subject tomcat startup w/ aggressiveheap option
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 15:21:00 GMT

I have tomcat 5.5.23 running with Java on Windows Server 2003 SP1. 
I had been running tomcat 5.0 w/ Java 1.4.2 with the exact same Java options 
(including -XX:+AggressiveHeap) and I never had issues with tomcat starting 
up via the Windows service.  Now, if I try to start it up, it fails without 
any error in the logs - if I take out the aggressiveheap option, it starts 
up fine.  I have to reboot the computer to restart tomcat (I think it 
actually starts up fine from the command line, but I'd have to confirm 
that - I'd rather use the service, though).  I had another identical 
deployment that exhibited this same behavior, but somehow magically fixed 
itself after I disabled a couple of other services.  Are there any known 
issues like this?


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