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Subject Re: [OT] Connection Pool and Connections
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 22:30:12 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> lightbulb,
> (I marked this as off-topic since it's really a JDBC/DBCP issue, not a
> Tomcat one. I'm still happy to answer.)
> lightbulb432 wrote:
>> Is it possible that myStatement1 and myStatement2 would be run using
>> different physical database connections, or are they absolutely guaranteed
>> to be executed using the same connection?
> They are guaranteed to act like they are executing through the same
> connection, even if they aren't (not sure how loose the spec is). You
> should check the JDBC specification to make sure, but I would imagine
> that splitting statements across connections would be more trouble than
> it's worth... I doubt very seriously that anyone would ever want to do this.
>> Or is connection pooling only for not actually closing the physical database
>> connection on myConnection.close(), instead returning it to the connection
>> pool?
> Pretty much. The connection pool simply ... pools connections. Once you
> have a connection, you can do whatever you want (including never
> returning it to the pool, which isn't a good idea, of course).
>> A different way of asking this is does connection pooling pool connections
>> within an application connection (myDataSource.getConnection() and
>> myConnection.close()), or between application connections?

Also worth noting is that if you can use a PreparedStatement (because 
the instruction is the same and the data is different), then the 
statement/object itself is re-used which further optimises your application.


> Well... when you call myDataSource.getConnection, it gives you a
> connection from the pool. When you call connection.close(), it returns
> the connection to the pool. Technically, while you have control of the
> connection, it's not pooled... it's "out of the pool with the intent to
> be returned soon".
>> If this question doesn't make sense, I can clarify. Thanks a lot.
> I hope my answer makes sense ;)
> - -chris
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