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From "Williams, Allen" <>
Subject RE: where to store user-generated files?
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 15:47:23 GMT
I have the same requirement, and had made the same decision (to use file
as opposed to the database).  This is probably a dumb question, but: I
looked at
bodington- are you referring to a course or to downloading their system
and going 
through their code to see how they did it?

Subject: RE: where to store user-generated files?
Date: Tuesday 20 February 2007 08:18
From: "Peter Crowther" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>,

> From: John Pedersen []
> Maybe I am asking too much ( I chose a long time ago not to store
> images and large files in the db - just store names and urls - maybe
> this was a poor choice.)

A lot depends on your environment.  For small projects I tend to store
in database - being able to get a consistent snapshot of database and
filestore is important in some of the applications I work in.  Sakai
( can be configured to do either - small sites
often store in the database, the large sites (100,000+ users) tend to
store on filestore due to size restrictions on their RDMBSs.  Bodington
( stores in filestore outside the servlet's URL space,
and has code to parse the request URL, check security, read the file
from filestore and deliver it if desired.  Unless you *know* you can
control security in other ways, I'd suggest going down the Bodington
route if you want to use filestore.

Sakai and Bodington are both in Java under suitably free licenses
(Sakai's ESL, Bod is Apache2), so you could probably lift code from
either if it fit your requirements.  I've no doubt there are other
projects out there that have the same requirements (and probably cleaner
code); these are merely two I know.

		- Peter

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