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From Ramez Ghazzaoui <>
Subject request.getParameter() in JSP misinterpreting foreign characters
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 20:44:16 GMT

Back in May 2006, I had trouble Configuring Tomcat HTTP server to 
generate proper links for non-English file names in a Directory Listing. 
Mr. Mark Thomas proposed a solution that worked: He told me to set 
URIEncoding="UTF-8" in the connector (presumably in server.xml).

This fixed the Directory Listing problem, but ...

Today I realized that this very solution has broken the Java 
request.getParameter() method in JSP. Now, with the URIEncoding set to 
UTF-8, this Java method is misinterpreting non-English characters. When 
I invoke from the browser the following address: 
http://localhost/main.jsp?path=olé (or the equivalent 
http://localhost/main.jsp?path=ol%E9) a call to 
request.getParameter("path") from within main.jsp returns ol? where the 
question mark is character number 65533. That's way off from 233 (which 
is the correct U-dec for eacute, or é).

When I remove the URIEncoding="UTF-8" attribute from my connector, 
request.getParameter("path") returns olé as expected, and the JSP works 
as intended. However, of course, this breaks directory listings as 
described in my 26 May 2006 posting titled "How do I configure Tomcast 
HTTP server to generate working links for French file names in Tomcat 
Directory Listing?".

Is there a way to make French characters work both in Directory Listings 
and in GET parameters?



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