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Subject Mod_jk & mod_rewrite on same app
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 20:37:17 GMT


I have a webapp "/app" installed on 2 Tomcat servers : one server is production "t1" and the
other, "t2", is development.

How can I, from a single apache (httpd) server, in a single virtualhost, redirect /app to
/app on t1 and /app_dev to /app on t2 ?

I tried the following but /app is then redirected to t2... :

JkMount /app/* t1

RewriteRule ^/app_dev/(.*)$ /app/$1 [PT]
JkMount /app/* t2

NB : I can't use mod_proxy_ajp, and I'd prefer not to add an another context path on tomcat...

A more direct question : is there a way to rewrite rules into mod_jk process ?

Thanks for helping,


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