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From Andrés González <>
Subject Re: Tomcat monitoring
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:15:48 GMT
Another option:

El jue, 24-08-2006 a las 13:40 -0300,
> Hi;
> I attended to an Oracle IAS event and they presented their Enterprise 
> Manager 10g, and they showed some great monitoring capabilities. Here I 
> quote some of them from their document 
> "":
> "The tracing functionality provides an on-demand tool that lets 
> administrators examine in detail all invocation paths of a transaction, 
> and isolate the exact tier and location of a problem. All invocation paths 
> of a transaction are traced and hierarchically broken down by servlet/JSP, 
> EJB, JDBC/SQL times. Further drill-downs into each component identify 
> response time breakouts by invocation path. Click-to-SQL drill-downs allow 
> administrators to navigate down from a transaction view and examine the 
> underlying SQL statements." (Page 6)
> "URL processing time and load activity graphs provide administrators with 
> information on the impact of server activity on response times." (Page 7)
> "Enterprise Manager provides correlation of CPU utilization, memory, and 
> I/O usage of all Web application components to help administrators 
> determine where resources are constrained." (Page 8)
> Well, my question is if there is any way to do such (or any) monitoring 
> with Tomcat 5.5.17. If not, is there any monitoring tool that you guys use 
> to monitor and troubleshoot Tomcat? Maybe just tomcat/java commands that 
> shows status/monitoring info. Actually we only graph URL response times 
> and load keep an eye on the logs.
> Any info is welcome.
> Thanks a lot.
> Rafael Sarres de Almeida
> Seção de Gerenciamento de Rede
> Superior Tribunal de Justiça
> Tel: (61) 3319-9342
Andrés González - Programación y sistemas
Publicinet (Publicidad-Cine-Internet, S.L.)
Urzaiz, 71, entlo, izda. -- 36204 Vigo
Telf 902.014.606 --

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