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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: jasper encryption and patents
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 03:03:28 GMT

"Tim Funk" <> wrote in message
> Jasper does not contain any encryption code which would violate any 
> commercial export laws. There are no IP patent suits against tomcat at the 
> moment. If this were to happen - we would have the assistance of the 
> solicitors for the ASF guide us in a best course of action for resolution.

It's actually true more generally:  None of the Tomcat libraries contain any 
encryption code.  The Java SSL Connector and the Digest authentication uses 
whatever it finds installed in the JVM.  The APR SSL Connector uses whatever 
it finds in OpenSSL.

> -Tim
> Joan K. Drejer (AH/LMD) wrote:
>> Hi
>>  At Ericsson we are considering using Jasper-runtime and Jasper-compile
>> in a commercial product.
>>  However, we would like to know if the product contains encryption, and
>> if you possibly know about which ECCN (Export code) to put on it?
>> Also, do you know if there are any patents which we should be aware of?

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