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From Aydın Toprak <>
Subject Re: Deploying Servlet Project from Windows to Fedora
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 15:29:02 GMT
but The system works fine under Windows ... I mean as an example ...
this is my servlet name :
and the the web.xml lines for this servlet :

        <display-name>Login ManagerV2</display-name>
        <description>Manager for the manager action</description>


this tricky definiton of servlet runs fine under XP ... how ever the 
same lines are not enough for to tell the linux-tomcat couple to find & 
use it ...

And there is another point that comes in my mind at the moment...

The windows platform is 32 bit ... and of course the J2EE and Jre are 
both 32bit...
but the server side, Fedora is 64 bit... also the JRE ...

dose it make a problem ... ?

Richard Mixon wrote:

>I do not have reference for any such documentation. However in the past I
>have been bit badly a number of times trying to move a web application from
>Windows to Linux. The other way around works much more reliable.
>The two issues that resolved my problem always ended up being:
>1) Case sensitivity of file names. Windows will treat "/myApp" the same as
>"/myapp" the same - so if you have been inconsistent in how you referred to
>a file/path name this could be an issue with a "servlet not found" problem.
>2) Line endings of text files - in SOME situations. Sometimes it does not
>seem to matter, but to be sure I would recomment either running the
>"dos2unix" utility against all of your text files (XML, JSP, HTML, etc) or
>you can use the equivalent Ant task in your build process, something like:
>        <fixcrlf srcdir="src-gen/web/WEB-INF/classes"
>	              includes=""
>                    eol="lf"
>                    eof="remove"/>
>Hope this helps -Richard
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Aydın Toprak [] 
>>Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 7:48 AM
>>Subject: Deploying Servlet Project from Windows to Fedora
>>I have developed web based project that covers many servlets 
>>and uses Postgresql dataBase, on ;Windows platform...
>>But I want to deploy the software to the Linux (Fedora Core 4  64) .. 
>>However I havent been able to deploy the compleate project 
>>correctly under the linux enviroment..
>>Tomcat cant find my servlets and so do nothing...
>>Should I modify the web.xml file of my own .. or  do 
>>something different ? ..
>>I am looking for some clear descriptions  or an accurate 
>>documentation to do it...
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