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From Garth Patil <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to use a parameter other than JSESSIONID to maintain session?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 22:11:21 GMT
Changing the name in seems to partially work. Now, in
order to have Tomcat just use that value, and not try to rewrite it
(or expect it in a specific format), I need to find where in the code
Tomcat looks up that parameter, and where it rewrites it to the URL.
Can anyone familiar with the code point me in the right direction?
Thanks again,

> You *might* be able to recompile tomcat with only changing:
> jakarta-tomcat-catalina/catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/
> -Tim
> Garth Patil <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently working on a server application using Tomcat, and I've
> run into a snag. The clients for the application are custom HTTP
> clients (a provider's custom client that won't be changing on our
> behalf) that do not have the ability to persist the JSESSIONID in the
> request. However, there is already a unique parameter (let's call it
> CUSTOMPARAM) that they do send with every POST to us.  I still want to
> use Tomcat's sessioning, but I need it to do two things:
> 1. Use the CUSTOMPARAM as the unique session parameter.
> 2. Not rewrite the parameter in the response, leaving that control to
> my application.
> Is there a way to just tell Tomcat in the configuration that I want it
> to use a different parameter to identify the session, and that I don't
> need it to rewrite it in my response? I've been through the docs, a
> book on Tomcat 5, and the mailing list archives, and I haven't been
> able to find anything.
> Thanks,
> Garth

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