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From "David Owens" <>
Subject RE: where are my files?
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:19:53 GMT
It does not really use index.jsp 

It is remapped to a servlet in web.xml.

So first edit webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml and remove the mapping, then
edit index.jsp.

Hope this helps.


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From: Mike McMullin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 10:13 AM
To: Tomcat
Subject: where are my files?

  I've installed TomCat-Jakarta 5.0.19 (from SuSE9.1 which I'm running)
as well as the demo-server package.  I'm trying to work through the
Apress book Apache Jakarta-Tomcat, which is written around 4.0.

  My problem in a nut shell is that I cannot find which directory tomcat
seems to be using.  I load the page on port 8080 and note the file name,
grab a shell run "locate index.jsp" and can find the page that the
application loads, or so I think.  I've edited the "If you're seeing
this page via a web ..." so that seeing is pseeing, saved the page, and
reloaded into the browser, and did could not "find" any change to the

  Any thoughts on why I'm lost?  (Other than I'm new  :)


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