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From "Dan" <>
Subject Re: Need access to classes outside Tomcat for JSPs
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 15:07:54 GMT
My apologies for being over the edge, but after pulling my hair out for the 
last few days and reading all kinds of web and USENET postings, along with 
searching the list archives, I came across all kinds of writings that did 
not address the issue of if (and how) this could be done, most just say to 
put them in the WEB-INF or the "shared" directories of TomCat.

I know it can be done because that's the way I have my other box setup 
now.  My "shared" classes are in E:\java\library.  My WEB-INF\classes 
directory is empty, and TomCat compiles the JSPs fine.  But for the life of 
me I cannot duplicate this setup on the new box.  That's what really makes 
this frustrating.  I've done a system search for files containing 
"library\custom" and nothing relevant shows up.  Searching the registry 
turns up nothing as well.

The only tidbit that I've come across is that parameter "java.class.path" 
is ignored when running as a service, instead "Imagepath" can specify a 
classpath.  But I don't remember doing this on my other machine, and my 
registry entries for the service don't show any additional startup 
parameters.  I wonder if procrun stores these values someplace else, but if 
so it's not stored anyplace within the Tomcat directory since I've copied 
the entire Tomcat directory from the "working" box to this box.

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