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From "Dan" <>
Subject Re: Need access to classes outside Tomcat for JSPs
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 13:54:52 GMT
Do people read anymore?

As previously stated in the original post, these classes need to be 
available to other non-web, non TomCat applications.  I do not want to have 
to maintain two different repositories.  Also as previously stated I have 
the desired configuration running on another box but I cannot duplicate the 
setup on this box.

If your only advice is to move them into TomCat, then please don't even 
bother replying.

At 08:21 AM 3/1/2005, David wrote:
>Why do you want your classes outside of Tomcat?  Copy the classes to your 
>project when you build and eliminate the dependency.  Or better yet, use a 
>build environment like Ant to do the copying for you.  As a bonus, it'll 
>catch errors before you get to production and the webapp will be more portable.
>Dan wrote:
>>Classpath problem.  Really frustrating.
>>I'm trying to duplicate a setup on system A to system B and can't get it 
>>working.  My problem is when I access the JSP page, Tomcat complains of a 
>>ClassNotFound exception.  This happens with all of my custom classes.  If 
>>I create a simple JSP page with no custom classes the JSP compiles fine.
>>When I manually execute the class via "java" it responds 
>>appropriately (my environment's CLASSPATH includes the custom library paths).
>>My custom classes live outside of the Tomcat directory (see below) 
>>because I use these classes in other non-web based applications, so they 
>>need to be available system wide.
>>I have melted my brain today trying to figure out why system A works with 
>>this configuration but system B gives me the ClassNotFound exception.   I 
>>have even copied my entire Tomcat directory from system A to system B 
>>with no change.  I thought perhaps I was starting the service with 
>>additional parameters but I don't see any in the registry settings.
>>Does anyone have an educated guess as to why I can't get this thing to 
>>work the way it's working on the other system and/or how I can get this 
>>working with my custom classes OUTSIDE of Tomcat.
>>Win2K SP4
>>Tomcat v5.0.27 as NT Service
>>e:\java\sdk     (JDK 1.4.2)
>>e:\java\library\custom\      (custom libraries)
>>e:\java\library\basic       (libraries from other sources)

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