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From Mark Leone <>
Subject Re: unauthenticated 304s - final try
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 02:28:49 GMT
It seems to me that the HTTP spec is under-specified on this. I agree 
that it's reasonable to assume that "if access is NOT allowed, and the 
document has not been modified, the server MUST NOT respond with this 
status code." However, what I just typed in quotes does not appear in 
the spec. It says what SHOULD happen when a conditional GET is sent when 
access is allowed, but doesn't say what may or may not happen when 
access is not allowed.

It's still worth investigating IMO. One could argue that returning to an 
unauthorized client even the info that a resource has not changed since 
an authenticated request was returned successfully violates the 
authentication protection. I guess. But the section on 401-Unauthorized 
response doesn't indicate under what conditions that response MUST or 
SHOULD be returned- it just leaves it up to the server to send this 
response status when "the request requires user authentication." 
Response status 304 has no meaning except in relation to a successful 
request, so I'm not sure what the expected behavior is if the client 
subsequently loses authentication and therefore authorization. Again, 
the section on 401 response doesn't address this situation.

This may have more to do with the server's authentication requirements 
than the HTTP spec. Does anyone know if the Servlet spec addresses this?


alexander dosher wrote:

> before i post this as a bug & possibly make a complete idiot of myself,
> please have a look...
> Tomcat 5.5.7 on Win2k, MSIE6
> 1. load an authenticated page (JDBCRealm or DataSourceRealm w/SHA, FORM
> login-config, SingleSignOn valve)
> 2. wait until authentication timeout OR close browser window & reopen
> 3. perform a conditional GET (i.e. reload WITHOUT ctl-shift)
> Result: Tomcat returns 304 Not Modified. relevant bit of access_log:
> #.#.#.# - - [datetime] "GET /home HTTP/1.0" 304 -
>           ^ no user!
> which is IMHO in violation of the HTTP spec
> (
> relevant bit:
>> If the client has performed a conditional GET request and *access is 
>> allowed*, but the document has not been modified,
>> the server SHOULD respond with this status code.
> comments?
> --alex.
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