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From Adrian Robert <>
Subject Re: How to approximate tomcat-5.0/4.x/3.x logging in 5.5?
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 17:32:04 GMT
>>> OK, thanks to your vote of confidence in the method, I dug further 
>>> and
>>> discovered that my WEB-INF/classes/ was never being
>>> found.  If I put the into the same jar (in
>>> WEB-INF/lib) with the class that was instantiating the Logger, it
>>> worked correctly.
>> That's extremely odd.  What version of Tomcat are you running?  
>> That's a bug
>> because WEB-INF/classes should be put in the classpath before jars in
>> WEB-INF/lib.
> This is 5.5.7, with the 1.4 compatibility package on MacOS.  I've 
> experienced similar issues before with different tomcat versions, 
> though I had forgotten that in this case..
> Note I do NOT unpack the app from a war, just copy the full hierarchy 
> straight under webapps.  Also, the WEB-INF/classes/ 
> file was a symblic link.  Maybe one of these makes a difference?

It turns out it WAS the symbolic link.  I get the following results:

- symbolic link, relative (e.g., WEB-INF/classes/ -> 
resources/ not found

- symbolic link, absolute (e.g., WEB-INF/classes/ -> 
- OR - regular file: found and prevents common/classes/ 
from being found (tomcat-general stuff goes into webapp's log file)

- file in jar with class that instantiates Logger: both tomcat's 
(common/classes/) and webapp's are found and heeded

Sorry about the bother if this is just standard knowledge of how tomcat 
operates on Unix.

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