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From "Randy Paries" <>
Subject Help with tomcat on windoze/nfs
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 21:51:18 GMT

I have the unfortunate opportunity of having to set up tomcat on windoze
(sorry I am a linux bigot)

I have this servlet that has to run a windows program. (that works fine)

I have to create a directory on a NFS mount.

In my test servlet, I have this snippet of code(see below)

If I do /myservlet?&dir=c:/  (is see it ok)
If I do /myservlet?&dir=z:/  (z is a mapped nfs mount, it does not see it)

Here is the kicker, I wrote a little class that was basically the same but
just a normal
Java app, and it see z:/ OK



	  //DIR is a param passed in        

	  PrintWriter out = null;
        out = new PrintWriter (res.getOutputStream());

        out.println( "looking for dir "+DIR+"<BR>");

        File fpath = new File(DIR);
        if ( !fpath.exists() ){
            out.println("Does not exist");

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