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From Jakarta Tomcat Newsgroup ( <>
Subject BUG!!: Tomcat 4.0.3 + Apache 1.3.24 + warp
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 13:25:02 GMT
Subject: BUG!!: Tomcat 4.0.3 + Apache 1.3.24 + warp
From: "Hyunjin Kim" <>
Ok.. I've had enough..
- I installed Struts 1.1b and the warp connector didn't correctly handle
*.do calls. -> I changed the configuration so that I use /execute/* instead
of *.do

- I configured Tomcat's container managed security and Apache always
forwarded me to error page, although I set it up correctly (I know this
since it works fine when called from :8080) -> so I decided to make up my
security management function by hand (using struts /execute/login calls and
session tracking... as usual..)

-> then when I finished coding for the security stuff... and see my log
52826 [Thread-9] DEBUG com.nanoenc.LoginAction  - username was hyunjin
and password was  hyunjin
52826 [Thread-9] DEBUG com.nanoenc.LoginAction  - set first param to hyunjin
52826 [Thread-9] DEBUG com.nanoenc.LoginAction  - set second param to
52829 [Thread-9] DEBUG com.nanoenc.LoginAction  - error added... trying to
save errors...
52829 [Thread-9] DEBUG com.nanoenc.LoginAction  - error saved

what that says is: in the database, username "hyunjin" and password
"hyunjin" existed.
and although the same combination has been passed from jsp via from bean,
the servlet thinks they are different and sending me to the error page...

the servlet thinks hyunjin:hyunjin != hyunjin:hyunjin....!!!!!!!!!

I am really frustrated... I think the warp connector is passing characters
that are different from the character sets used by tomcat????

man... any help on using tomcat stand alone with name virtual host will be
really appreciated...

Thanks for reading a mad man's post...

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