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From "Craig O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: Code Q.
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:13:49 GMT

There are many good books on java basics.  I personally like the Core Java 2
series. Start with volume 1 of course. Getting comfortable with object
oriented programming is essential to developing an understanding of how java
is used.  I also highly recommend visiting which is a very
friendly place. :0)  Make sure to read "how I taught my dog polymorphism"
and visit the saloon regularly.

Good luck,
Sun Certified Java Programmer

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From: Tim Coultas []
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 5:47 AM
Subject: RE: Code Q.

Scott -

One thing that the Core Servlets book doesn't do well is explain Java
basics, like what does extends mean or how do method/class declarations
work.  It assumes that knowledge.  I found Sams "Teach Yourself Java in 21
Days" really helpful; it contains a lot of basic java information that would
address your questions pretty well.

You might want to look at the webapps\examples\web-inf\classes directory of
tomcat for some good basic examples of what servlets look like.


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From: Purcell, Scott []
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 5:22 PM
To: ''
Subject: Code Q.

I am learning JSP and have done quite a few examples from the Core Servlets
and JSP book.
I apologize for asking this q here, but I am trying to learn Tomcat and put
my whole picture together, and I figured that
the people on this line, would probably know what these lines mean.
Anyway, I keep typing these few lines but really don't have a grasp of what
they are doing.
I would really like to understand in a 'Laymans' fashion what I am doing and
what these lines do.
public class Hello extends HttpServlet

//I am assuming that the class Hello, that I am creating
// is extending HttpServlet class?
// but what does the extends really mean?
public void doGet(HttpServlet request,
HttpServlet response)
throws ServletException, IOExcedption;
// It looks like I am creating? or calling? a method here. And am I passing
it the HttpServlet class?
I am very confused on this, and would enjoy hearing from someone that
wouldn't mind going over that with me.
Thanks very much,

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