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From Wolle <>
Subject BUG in encodeURL Mehtode ?
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2001 23:03:49 GMT
it seems that I have found a Bug in the response.encodeURL Methode,
and perhaps in the response.encodeRedirectURL.
System: Suse7.1, Tomcat 3.2.2b2 and
            Win2k , Jbuilder4 (Tomcat3.2.1).
When I use the encode Methode in a valid session , it will extends the
ending of the URL with the Session. ->;jsessionID=gdxcvrtw
Thats fine.

when I use the Methode on a link with GET parameters: ->;jsessionID=gdxcvrtw?param1=bla&para2=bla
that's also fine.

when I use the Methode  on a link with GET parameters an a anchor ->;jsessionID=gdxcvrtw?param1=bla&para2=bla#anchor1

thats also fine, too

BUT when I have a Link only with a anchor, it won't be work: ->;jsessionID=gdxcvrtw

and this i thing will be pasred wrong, so tomcat think there is no

Some workaround is that you manual set the anchor later:
encURL = response.encodeURL("");
encURL = response.encodeURL("") + "#anchor";

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