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From "Hugh Eland" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat SSL & Equifax
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 19:49:33 GMT
Hi Mike,

Thanks for that - I am still having problems though....

Did your certificate from equifax contain a one from Thawte as your mail
seems to suggest.  The file I have only has one from Equifax.....

I have imported the Equifax certificate with

keytool -import -alias equifax -file equifax.cert -trustcacerts

and this is then listed as a trusted certificate with keytool -list

I then attempt to add the server certificate with a similar command.

Am I doing something really stupid? Is there any way to check the 'chain' is
a> linking properly b> 'complete' - ie back to a self-signed certificate?

Many thanks


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From: Mike Spreitzer <>
To: <>
Date: 02 April 2001 16:09
Subject: Re: Tomcat SSL & Equifax

>It's working for me.  I'm not sure from your note whether you did the same
>thing, but what I did is to load the "certificate" (really a chain of two
>certs) for equifax into cacerts and then load the certificate for my site
>into the keystore used by tomcat.  This left the keystore holding a chain
>of 3 certificates (the three mentioned above) under the alias "tomcat".
>Hope this helps,

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