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From Tu-Thach <>
Subject Re: Tomcat SSL context or directory
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:42:00 GMT

I understand that you can set up Apache and Tomcat so that only certain
context or directory is SSL supported.  But what about if I only want to
use Tomcat and not Apache.  Regard to your question, Apache does support
jsp and servlets with virtual host correctly.  What version are you using
and what exactly is the error?


On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Mark W. Webb wrote:

> I am not sure how you can set up SSL for only certain context sections.  If
> you use virtual hosts in apache you should be able to set up different
> directories with different security levels.  This is what I am trying to do,
> but the virtual host in apache cannot server jsp or servlets right now.
> On Sunday 18 March 2001 02:42, you wrote:
> > I got Tomcat and SSL working great.  However, I am wondering if it is
> > possible to use SSL in a specific directory only.  As it is right now, the
> > whole site can be SSL, but what if I only want certain directory or
> > <context>?  Without using Apache as well.  Any thoughts?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Tu-Thach
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