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From "Arne Handt" <>
Subject Multiple Concurrent Servlet Initialization
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 20:19:38 GMT
Hello All,

I know that this topic has been discussed about two months ago but I wasn't
able to find a hint helping me to solve my problem in the archive, so I
touch it again.
My problem: I have a multithreaded using W3C's Jigsaw HTTP Stack to access
my servlet (on Jakarta Tomcat v3.1) with multiple requests concurrently,
using the same URL (with a gap of about 20 ms between sending the requests).
This is, of course, no problem, when the servlet is already initialized, but
it leads to multiple servlet instantiation and initialization, if the
servlet has not been initialized before.
Is this a Tomcat bug or can it be switched off ? Can anyone help me ? Please
tell me if you need more information in order to help.
Thanks for your effort.

Best regards,


 Arne Handt
 Shinka Technologies AG
 Tempelhofer Ufer 8-9
 10963 Berlin

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