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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: memory and/or ms problem
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 12:15:06 GMT

	Look at your code.  My experience has been that Tomcat doesn't leak
any memory.  Check that you haven't set your sessions to never time out
(otherwise each session will continue to collect digital dust).  Also check
that you don't have any structures in memory of static classes that continue
to grow with each request (in-memory logs that flush to disk when some event
happens would one example of a place to look).


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From: Gerd Trautner []
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 6:16 AM
To: tomcat-user
Subject: memory and/or ms problem

Hi tomcat-users,

I am having some memory related troubles with my servlets running on
tomcat 3.2.1 on an win nt 4 workstation machine.
I read all previous messages in the list with the term "memory" in it,
but everything i try does not help.

problem: the memory consumption of the java.exe increases slightly, the
over all memory consumption of the system increases fast and memory is
not released. after a week (and about 400 hits or so) the server runs
out of memory (tomcat gives a OutOfMemoryError and quits).

what i did:
- set java max heap size (nothing changed)
- set max_threads (30), max_spare_threads(20) and min_spare_threads(5)
  for both http and https ConnectionHandler
- set session-timeout to 1 Minute
- added System.gc() to end of every servlet

my application uses servlets and mysql, i close every mysql connection
and i am not able to find anything i could change to get the memory

I also use ms-stresstool and i can simulate this memory-problem.

could anyone give me some assistance please?


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