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From "Burgess, Jay" <>
Subject RE: tomcat with iis
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:34:47 GMT
I don't know how different a WIN2000 install is from a WINNT install, but
here are the instructions I created for our team to install on WINNT.
They're based on the Gal Shacor's document, but call out only the things I
did that got it to work.  Maybe you can glean something from them that will
help you with your problem.


To configure the ISAPI Redirector: 

Start the Registry Editor and create a new key named: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi

Add the following "String" values to the key: 

name: extension_uri, value: /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll.
name: log_file, value: <tomcat_root>\logs\isapi.log
name: log_level, value: error (can be debug, info, error or emerg)
name: worker_file, value: <tomcat_root>\conf\
name: worker_mount_file, value: <tomcat_root>\conf\

Exit the Registry Editor. 

Make sure the following values are correctly set in 


Start the IIS Internet Service Manager console, and 
add a new virtual directory to your web site. The name 
of the virtual directory should be "jakarta", its physical 
path should be the directory "<tomcat_root>/bin/win32/i386", 
and it should be assigned the following permissions: 

   Allow Read access
   Allow Script access
   Allow Execute access (includes Script Access)

Using the IIS management console, add a new filter for 
your web site. Starting by displaying the Properties 
dialog for your web site.  Select the ISAPI Filters tab, 
and add a new filter as follows:  

   Name: jakarta
   Executable: <tomcat_root>\bin\win32\i386\isapi_redirect.dll

Stop and then re-start the IIS Admin Service.  Make sure 
that the jakarta filter is marked with a green up-pointing arrow.  

To test, start both the web server and Tomcat, then ask IIS 
to serve you the /examples context.  For example, ask for
http://localhost/examples/jsp/index.html and execute some 
of the JSP examples. 

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From: p p []
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 8:22 AM
Subject: RE: tomcat with iis

i m sorry for the text in the mail,
but in the registries all entries are double checked
for typing mistakes.

Its baffling that why IIS is not able to load the

--- "Burgess, Jay" <> wrote:
> If the text in your post below is correct, then your
> problem is that it's
> "", not "". 
> Leaving out the "s" on
> "workers" will cause the behavior you're describing,
> and it's easy to do.
> Jay
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> From: p p []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 5:28 AM
> To:
> Subject: tomcat with iis
> hi,
> I am trying to install tomcat3.2.1 on windows
> 2000/IIS.
> I have followed all the instructions mentioned in
> the
> document "Tomcat IIS how to".
> Problem,
> i ve created the filter with its executable
> isapi.dll,
> but when i restart IIS the filter is not getting
> loaded.
> The troubleshooting document mentions that i should
> make sure that the registry entries are correct,
> well
> i ve double checked the registry entry for
> worker.propoerties and They
> are fine.
> any help would be appreciated
> thanks,
> pp
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