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From Elizabeth Riley <>
Subject RE: Windows 2000 and Tomcat
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:44:56 GMT
It says page cannot be found. (I tried both ways). 
However, if I type in the whole path to a specific jsp application that's in
the examples directory (like numguess.jsp), I see the jsp code displayed. It
makes me wonder if .jsp isn't being re-directed to tomcat. 

Also in my ISAPI.log file (when I enter the path name to numguess.jsp) it
....."numguess.jsp is not a servlet url.
Check if ....numguess.jsp points to the web-inf directory. "

Any clue as to what that is supposed to be telling me?

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From: Alejandro []
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 1:39 PM
Subject: RE: Windows 2000 and Tomcat

Try in the other computer which is on the same network typing:
"http://IPNUMBER/examples/jsp/index.html", where IPNUMBER is the ip of the
computer where tomcat is running. If it doesn't work type: "IPNUMBER:8080"
in place of "IPNUMBER"

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From: Elizabeth Riley <>
To: tomcat-user <>
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 5:54 PM
Subject: Windows 2000 and Tomcat

> I am installing tomcat to work in conjunction with Windows 2000 server. I
> believe I have done all the steps in the documentation for 'Tomcat IIS How
> To'. I have verified that things are working by going to the browser on
> server and typing 'localhost/examples/jsp/index.html'. This works fine.
> However, if I go to another computer that is on the same network and type
> the IP address of the server followed by
> 'tomcat/webapps/examples/jsp/num/numguess.jsp', I get the html 'source'
> displayed in my browser.
> Any suggestions on where to find the solution to this? Have I missed a
> critical step?
> Elizabeth Riley
> Division of Information Technology
> Macon State College
> 100 College Station Dr.
> Macon, GA 31206
> 478-757-2582

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