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From Sam Butterworth <>
Subject Re: ClassNotFoundException
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:52:27 GMT

I had a problem similar to this tonight.  After a little searching I found 
out that it was related to classpath.  Make sure your classes folder is in 
your classpath.

Good luck,

At 3/26/2001 10:17 PM, you wrote:
>I've new to servlets and jsp and have just installed Tomcat so forgive
>me if I'm missing something really simple here. I've searched the
>archives and not found any answers. I've created a new webapp as
>detailed in the instructions that I downloaded. The servlets and html
>files work fine but when I try to load a jsp the browser diplays a 404
>error and I get a ClassNotFoundException in the command window. I'm
>running Tommcat 3.2.1 with Linux/Apache. Can anyone help me out.
>he directory structure is
>/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/myapp/WEB-INF/classes. I'm placing the jsp and
>html files in myapp and the servlets in classes. I have defined a
>context for myapp in server.xml. In the browser I type
>Michael Garthwaite

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