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From Ken Savage <>
Subject Getting Jikes to work
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:18:26 GMT

Here's the scoop:

- Slackware 7.1
- JDK 1.3 and the included JRE
- Jikes 1.12

My classpath is set to point to the jre/lib/rt.jar,
as well as a couple of development directories and
misc jar files.

I've never had any problem compiling programs with
either Jikes or javac.

I downloaded tomcat 3.2.1, installed it, and gave it
the location of my TOMCAT_HOME.  To make sure all
was okay, I added tools.jar to my classpath, and
started up tomcat.  I was able to run the numguess
example, albeit with a long delay for compilation.

I shut down and deleted my entire tomcat installation,
and then re-installed it, to clear out any files
that might have been lying around.  tools.jar was
then removed from my classpath, and web.xml modified
to uncomment the section pertaining to Jikes.

Tomcat started up fine, but when I went to one of
the examples, it failed to compile, providing me
with an error about 'sun/tools/javac/Main' not
having a class definition.  (ie: it's been removed
from the classpath! :)  -- BUT -- it shouldn't be
looking for 'javac', since I've asked it to use

Any idea what else I need to do?

Thanks in advance,

Ken    <>

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