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From powerlifter <>
Subject ISAPI in Win2K doesn't find jvm (?)
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 13:40:22 GMT
 Hey all, new to the list and would sure appreciate it if I can get a bit of
 Current situation:
 - installed Tomcat 3.2.1 on Win2K server SP1 box
 - confirmed installation through standalone server
 - installed isapi redirector per specs in documentation
 - confirmed properties files for in-process load (worker.list = jni)
 When the isapi dll loads (and yes, I get a nice green arrow), the following
 debug messages are written to isapi.log.
 [jk_worker.c (82)]: Into wc_open
 [jk_worker.c (207)]: Into build_worker_map, creating 1 workers
 [jk_worker.c (213)]: build_worker_map, creating worker jni
 [jk_worker.c (138)]: Into wc_create_worker
 [jk_worker.c (152)]: wc_create_worker, about to create instance jni of jni
 [jk_jni_worker.c (610)]: Into jni_worker_factory
 [jk_jni_worker.c (678)]: Done jni_worker_factory
 [jk_worker.c (161)]: wc_create_worker, about to validate and init jni
 [jk_jni_worker.c (347)]: Into validate
 [jk_jni_worker.c (383)]: Fail- no jvm_dll_path
 [jk_jni_worker.c (567)]: Into destroy
 [jk_jni_worker.c (578)]: In destroy, JVM not intantiated
 [jk_worker.c (164)]: wc_create_worker validate failed for jni
 [jk_worker.c (229)]: build_worker_map failed to create workerjni
 - TOMCAT_SERVER, JAVA_HOME, and CLASSPATH all defined properly
 - LD_LIBRARY_PATH defined, just in case
 - paths include bin directory for java and tomcat
 - confirmed jvm.dll in %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin\classic\
 - read source to try and understand where value comes from to determine
   just what the jvm_dll_path is, and, under what circumstances, it would
   not be found.
 Now I'm stumped.  I can easily find the jvm.dll in the path; I'm just
 why Tomcat can't.  It seemed to in stand-alone version.
 I'm almost ready to create a debug version of the server so that I can see
 really happening, but frankly, that's a bit beyond my C skills.
 . . . powerlifter
       lift 'til your eyez bleed
       365 bench - 505 deadlift - 515 squat

. . . powerlifter
      lift 'til your eyez bleed
      365 bench - 505 deadlift - 515 squat

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