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From Scott Walter <>
Subject Tomcat, Jaxp, Xalan
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 14:53:47 GMT

I am trying to do xml transformation with tomcat.  I
want to use the xalan transformation engine.  However
the jaxp.jar that is included in the tomcat lib is
getting in the way.  I keep on getting a "Namespace
not supported by parser" exception.

If I remove jaxp.jar and parser.jar from the tomcat
lib directory and replace it with the xerces.jar
everything works great.  Is there anyway to keep the
installed jaxp.jar and parser.jar but still get my
transformations to work, because my app will be
running at a hosting provider and they probably won't
make the change I need.

thanks in advance,

Below is the code I use to do my transformation:
TransformerFactory tFactory =
Transformer transformer =
transformer.transform(xmlSource, new

May the Force be with you!

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