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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: Bizarre problem -- works fine, then doesn't
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 19:48:06 GMT
> I have restarted Tomcat again this morning, and all the material that was
> in the logs is no longer there (since the restart). That seems a little
> weird. Is that normal?

Yeah. I'm not sure if I like that either.

> Anyway, I recall that none of them had anything that looked like an error
> message. The jasper log recorded a series of requests and the parameters
> that were sent. The servlet log just had a series of about 15 entries that
> began with

This was my stupid, java errors show up on the console you started tomcat
on, not in the error log. Sorry about that.

> Meanwhile, I'll explore this dropped database connection concept. Maybe
> there's something to that.

I actually have two seperate errors regarding DB stuff but I haven't had
time to track them down yet. If you can, check your tomcat startup console
to see what happens.

(And let me know what happens, too, 'cuz maybe it'll help me out :D


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