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From "Desaulniers, Peter" <>
Subject WAIT...there's more --> Tomcat bombs out as an in-process add-on to IIS 4.0, WinNT 4.0/SP 6a
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 02:03:02 GMT
After thinking more about this... as an in-process add-on, I shouldn't have
to start tomcat independently like I did for the out of process add-on.  So,
just trying to go to the same url for the
//localhost/examples/jsp/index.html, I get a 404 error (which worked when I
tried that exact same url for the out of process add-on).

I am using tomcat 3.1 with JDK 1.3 and the 3.1 versions of
isapi_redirect.dll and jni_connect.dll.
I am pointing the worker jvm_lib to the 1.3 jre\bin\classic\jvm.dll 

Any ideas?

-- Peter Desaulniers

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> From: Desaulniers, Peter []
> Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2000 5:02 PM
> To: ''
> Cc: Desaulniers, Peter
> Subject: Tomcat bombs out as an in-process add-on to IIS 4.0, WinNT
> 4.0/SP 6a
> Hello all,
> I am fairly new to tomcat and this list, so if this has been asked and
> answered, my apologies.
> First, where should I go to search this list for possible answers to
> problems?  And what do I do when I get there (assuming its 
> not obvious.)
> Now, for my problem:
> Using the How To documents by Gal Shachor, I got tomcat to 
> first work as a
> stand-alone and then as an out-of-process IIS connection 
> (e.g. "Tomcat IIS
> HowTo").  Happy Days!  However, when I proceeded to follow 
> the instruction
> in the "In-Process HowTo" document, tomcat bombs on start up with a
> NullPointerException:
> org.apache.tomcat.service.JNIEndpointConnector.start(JNIEndpoi
> ntConnector.ja
> va:109) immediately after loading the jni_connect.dll library 
> successfully.
> Any ideas on what I did wrong?
> -- Peter Desaulniers

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