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From "isu:jwkoh" <>
Subject Common Tomcat Installation Bugs Fix in Windows OS
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:07:31 GMT
These are all the errors I encountered and fixed overnight during Tomcat
installation. ):-(

1. Error Message, "Out of environment space:" --> right click on startup.bat
and click on property and click memory tab and choose initial environment
drop-down box and choose 2048 or bigger. It doesn't have to be 2048+ but a
bigger number has the better chance of working. You can choose property by
clicking the top left corner of the console window.

For reference, I saw in a website a guy says - To solve the 'Out of
Environment Space' error you must edit CONFIG.SYS (again, the old MS-DOS not
so defunct operating system presence). You must add the following line:
please replace C:\COMMAND.COM to the correct location if you moved
COMMAND.COM to another location. The "/E:8192" allocates 8k to be used by
environment variables. The maximum allowed is 32k (35736). The last
parameter, "/P", is used to make this COMMAND.COM instance resident in
memory and owner of main environment space (from which every process
receives a copy).

2. Error Message, "only DOS 8.3 names may be used in TOMCAT_HOME!"--> You
are using Windows Explorer folder name find dos name of the folder(=
directory) using DIR command in DOS console. If you have long dir name in
windows explorer such as "jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1", it will show up as jakart~1
in DOS. Use this 8 character long name.

2a. Use simple folder(=directory) names for JDK(=J2SDK 1.3) and TOMCAT. I
used default names "j2sdk1.3" and "jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1" They caused
conflicts in *.bat files when starting tomcat. Especially DON'T USE "." in
those folder names. USE 8 characters-long name, or find matching DOS DIR
name for the windows explorer long folder names. So I uninstalled and
reinstalled JDK in the folder,"j2sdk" and tomcat in the folder, "tomcat".

3. Common and Hard-to-find ERROR: Type in SET JAVA_HOME=C:\JDK in the first
line after REM lines (REM lines are comment lines so they are ignored in
execution)in startup.bat file. ***** VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO HAVE SPACES
before and after "=" *****

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