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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: Regarding RDC
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 07:13:24 GMT
On 2/6/06, Vani Ampavathina <> wrote:
> Hi Rahul & Aravilli
> Thanks for the clarifications.

You're welcome.

> Rahul
> Can you please explain us the "Finite State Machine (FSM)" we are
> talking here? I notice three fsm tags, fsm_input.tag, fsm_confirm.tag
> and fsm_run.tag. When does this state machine start and what are the
> transition states it goes and what are its effects.

Stare at fsm_run.tag (it has all the transitions). At the most one
transition will be taken on any round trip to the server. The FSM is
put in motion by the component's tag file (Ex: date.tag for rdc:date),
and for each "state", the corresponding markup for that component will
be rendered (in Constants.FSM_INPUT state, fsm_input.tag will render).
The best way to learn might be to look at the VoiceXML generated at
every turn and follow along in code. Ofcourse, feel free to ask here.

> Aravilli
> Seen the mails you forwarded. I have a question on the implementation
> "commenting the script element in the fsm_input.tag"; given.
> I did not find the "builtinGrammar.tag" in the rdc folder. Is this
> deprecated or the one you suggested and rdc is yet to yet to approve?

Its here [1]. rdc:builtin is a good idea, and I expect it to soon be
part of the codebase and available in the next RDC release. The patch
needs a couple of modifications (I made the comments on the mailing
list, I'll add them to the bug report in a few). I haven't gotten to
making the modifications yet (though it doesn't have to be me) as
Commons SCXML [2] has kept me occupied in my free time. We're hoping
to support a SCXML dialog management strategy [3],[4] in the next
release (RDC 1.1).


[3] (see
posting on 07/29/2005)

> Regards
> Vani

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