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Subject [Bug 64488] EL API: AccessControlException -- Import Handler
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2020 22:34:03 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Mark Thomas <> ---
Thanks for the test case. It makes debugging what is going on a lot easier.

I think there is a bug here.

Over time we have added various optimisations to the ImportHandler to address
performance issues caused by the ambiguity introduced in EL 3.0. A good summary
of those ambiguities and the associated performance issues can be found in and the links in the first
email of that thread.

One of those optimisations was to do a resource lookup before trying to load
the class as this was considerably quicker for the "not a class" case and only
marginally slower for the "is a class" case. It is this resource lookup that is
failing due to a lack of read permission.

Given that this test is there to optimise the "not a class" case, that the
return value is thrown away and that the class loading happens a few lines
later, I think your proposed patch is along the right lines. We've been moving
towards removing anonymous classes so I am going to try a variation of your
patch that uses an inner class.

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