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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject RewriteMap parsing
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2019 10:27:36 GMT
Hi all,

while looking at the RewriteMap configuration, I noticed, that parsing
of the RewriteMap directive is a bit minimal. Parameters are split at
whitespace (no quotes will be recognized) and only the first of the
optional parameters will be used.

Should this be changed? If so, should we introduce quoting capabilities
to gather the "one" optional parameter, or allow multiple parameters?

Version "quote":

RewriteMap m1 example.MyMap "some params"

Version "multiple"

RewriteMap m2 example.OtherMap one two three

Or should it be a combination?

"quote" would be sort of compatible with the current interface, as we
still have only one parameter. "multiple" would be a nicer interface for
the implementer of the map.

Another thing I noticed, is that the httpd rewrite map feature has a few
builtin maps, that could be useful to supply with our implementation.
Any thoughts on supplying those? (I thought about the maps
int:[toupper,tolower,escape,unescape], txt:, rnd: and possibly a new one
called jdbc:{jndi-connection}:{sql statement with placeholder}. For
these elements a quote detection would be a must)


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