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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Better support for OpenJSSE?
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 10:35:47 GMT
Am 19.09.2019 um 12:01 schrieb Mark Thomas:
> On 19/09/2019 09:27, Rainer Jung wrote:
> <snip/>
>> I made a patch to detect ALPN support at runtime using reflection.
>> Please have a look. Feedback welcome, whether we want to include that or
>> whether we want to stick with the simpler approach we currently use.
> Past experience suggests a lot of users will be on Java 8 for quite some
> time. I think it makes sense to support this.
>> Of
>> course the windows for Java 8 plus OpenJSSE is getting smaller over
>> time, and users could also use tcnative to get TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2. On
>> the other hand integration of OpenJSSE is pretty simple and some users
>> don't like native code in their JVM (and its maintenance). IMHO support
>> for OpenJSSE (including HTTP/2) would be a nice addition.
>> My TC 9 patch is available under:
>> It moves the ALPN detection from classes Jre(9)Compat to class TLS in
>> the same package and uses the same approach that we use for other
>> runtime detection. It needs to make one method accessible, because under
>> Java 9+ the implementation class SSLEngineImpl is no longer a public
>> class. Since it is accessed normally via SSLEngine, direct method calls
>> still work, but reflective calls no longer.
> Currently is only used by the unit tests.
> We only need to use reflection on Java 8 since we know ALPN is available
> on Java 9 onwards.
> The module system adds additional restrictions to calling
> setAccessible() that might cause problems in the future.
> I wonder if a cleaner solution might be:
> - Move isTlsv13Available to TesterSupport and deprecate
> - Add isAlpnAvailable() to JreCompat where:
>    - Java 7 (for 8.5.x) hard codes to false
>    - Java 8 uses reflection
>    - Java 9 hard codes to true

As long as we only talk about OpenJSSE I like the above. We can vary it, 
once more solutions come into play that might change behavior for Java 
below or above 8. But probably that will never happen.

I can provide an updated version of the patch for review later today.

Thanks for your feedback. Any other opinion?



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