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From Igal Sapir <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Site Redesign
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2019 17:50:14 GMT

Thank you for your feedback:

On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 3:29 AM Konstantin Kolinko <>

> пн, 4 мар. 2019 г. в 09:02, Igal Sapir <>:
> >
> > I have uploaded the Tomcat site redesign to a temporary location for
> review:
> >
> 1. Overall: Thank you for your effort, but I do not like it. At all.

Fair enough, but I wish you had expressed that two months ago when we were
going over the layout:

> 2. Impressions:
> 1) The text is not as readable as the existing site.
> It is hard to read it because of color. It blurs with background.

The color can be easily changed.  It is common to use a dark gray color
rather than black though as it's easier on the eyes and considered more
readable.  There was a discussion about the font size, which prompted me to
add a slider at the bottom that allows you to change the font size.

> 2) Advertisement steals important part of the page.
> Nobody likes advertisements, you know? Especially when it is thrown in
> one's face.
> Who are our clients? Why people come to the site and what do they expect
> to see?
> Newspapers like to throw ads like that and hide the real text, but
> they make money from that and people tolerate them (to a certain
> degree).

The ad for ApacheCon is merely a placeholder to show how we can place
prominent news on the side on larger screens, and collapse it above the
body on smaller screens, i.e. phones.  I'm not sure on what screen you saw

It was added per Mark's feedback.

It can be moved or removed.

> 3) I do not like menu at the top. Those were popular some time ago,
> but I think that is a diminishing trend.
> (What is a concept behind such design element? It is not a material
> element, not something from real world. How do people operate with
> it?)

This is a mobile-first responsive layout that changes according to your
screen size.  If you tell me what size screen you saw it on then I would
understand better what you mean.

It utilizes the Bootstrap 4 framework and is very trendy.

Again, I wish you had expressed that 2 months ago.

> It does not make sense that the menu is flying at top when I scroll.
> This menu occupies precious space on the screen. A page title flying
> like that makes more sense.

It doesn't have to be "sticky".  That can be changed easily.

> 4) The "Apache Tomcat" in menu line is too prominent in font and
> color. It steals attention from the real page title and hurts eyes.

Fonts and colors can be changed.

I had to work with the constraints of ASF guidelines.  There is a longer
discussion about this in the thread mentioned above.

> 3. Technically:
> 1) Printing =?.
> It is not printer-friendly!
> Browser -> Print preview.
> I see that it does not fit a paper page.

That can be fixed

> 2) Accessibility =?.
> (Tab key navigation with keyboard. Accessing menus. Accessing links).
> Keyboard. How does one operate that menu with a keyboard?

Keyboard shortcuts can be added

> Mouse. Why do I need two clicks to open anything through that menu?

I can make the menu open on hover, but please keep in mind that not every
device has a "hover" capability.  For example on mobile devices you don't
have that.

> 3) Titles and dates.
> "2019-02-21 Tomcat 7.0.93 Released"
> The dates should not be spelled like that if they are part of a
> sentence. How do you read that sentence aloud (in English)?
> (Actually, the dates should not be in the sentence. They are a
> separate auxiliary piece of information).

That is part of the body of the pages and was not modified.  It has been
like that on the Tomcat website for a long time now.

> 4) Search field (in menu bar):
> It is too small for any real text.

The search field can expand wider, but on tablets and phones we are limited
in space.

Thank you,


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