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From ChristopherSchultz <>
Subject [GitHub] tomcat issue #137: Add HTML lang="en"
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2019 17:41:41 GMT
Github user ChristopherSchultz commented on the issue:
    > 404/403/401.jsp pages in manager and host-manager may benefit from localization,
and in that case the lang attribute has to be calculated dynamically to reflect the actual
language being used. Though currently those pages are hard-coded with some English text.
    When introducing i18n for things like this, it's important to know which language was
actually chosen when requesting, for example, some unsupported language. The `StringManager`
only uses one locale, but it never checks to see which locale it actually got. Client code
can't request a string from a particular locale... it can only ask the StringManager which
locale it's actually serving.
    Java's `ResourceBundle` is actually insufficient for implementing real i18n unless every
single string is always translated in each resource bundle into each language for which a
bundle file exists. When you have non-100% coverage, it's not possible to use just `ResourceBundle`
to do the job.
    Instead, you need a hierarchical system based upon `ResourceBundle` and a few other things.
It gets messy.
    If we just want to use whatever `StringManager` loads on startup, or instantiate a new
`StringManager` for each requested-locale and hope that we have 100% string-coverage, we can
use that and just put `<html lang="<%= sm.getLocale().getLanguage() %>"` into each
    If we want to provide a better example of implementing i18n in Tomcat, we'll need something
more elaborate.
    I'm +1 on adding `lang="en"` for now since the files are hard-coded in English.


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