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Subject [Bug 62945] JarScanFilter with tldSkip in context.xml still produce INFO msg. if one jar is scanned due to another reason
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2018 07:15:51 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Andrei Costescu <> ---
Hmm, you are right. I posted a bug directly because it seemed at that time
obvious that it was a bug. Next time I will post on the mailing list first.

So I see that conf/ does list the jar (with wildcard) that
caused my problem:


So now if I override this list by using in my META-INF/context.xml this:

                <JarScanFilter tldSkip="*"

then indeed the warning goes away.

It would be nice if the default config (that seems to be aware of
log4j-web*.jar already) would not - by default - assume that this jar has also
TLDs. That would require though that the global config needs to allow/disallow
jar scanning at a more granular level (so in this case separate properties that
apply only for TLD scanning).

Could the default config be modified in that way? Current approach works but I
don't like the copy/paste needed to override jarsToScan with tldScan (default
jarsToScan could be changed I guess in future versions). Although of course in
the end the .war knows what is in it and can adjust these lists to compensate
for defaults.

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