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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Mime types
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2018 13:03:46 GMT
Am 31.10.2018 um 20:15 schrieb Konstantin Kolinko:
> ср, 31 окт. 2018 г. в 19:38, Rémy Maucherat <>:
>> And then all the badly maintained content from web.xml and the Tomcat class
>> can be deleted.
>> Comments ?
> 1. "badly maintained content from web.xml"
> Do not call them "bad".
> AFAIK, Those are synchronized with httpd. IIRC there was python script
> to check the sync. Technically, it should be possible to sync with
> IANA registry.
> (I do not remember the details - those should be easy to find in the
> archives of this mailing list. I just remember that the last time that
> the sync was checked, there was some good job done to automate and
> perform the check.)

Here's what I had originally prepare (script, but not automated):

% res/scripts/ --help
trunk-veryclean2/res/scripts/ version 1.1 calling 
Getopt::Std::getopts (version 1.05),
running under Perl version 5.8.4.
Usage:: res/scripts/ -m MIMEFILE -i INPUTFILE -o OUTPUTFILE
            MIMEFILE:   path to mime.types from the httpd project
            INPUTFILE:  path to existing web.xml, which will be checked
            OUTPUTFILE: path to the new (generated) web.xml. Any existing
                        file will be overwritten.

% res/scripts/ -m /shared/build/dev/httpd/svn/httpd \
     /path/to/mime.types -i conf/web.xml -o conf/web.xml-new
FATAL Definition 'flac' -> 'audio/x-flac' exists in mime.types but
FATAL differs from 'flac' -> 'audio/flac' in TOMCAT_ONLY.
FATAL You must either remove 'flac' from the TOMCAT_ONLY list to keep 
the mime.types variant,
FATAL or move it to TOMCAT_KEEP to overwrite the mime.types variant - 

OK, so that means we originally had "flac" in our web.xml, but httpd had 
none. In the meantime httpd added it as audio/x-flac, but we had 
audio/flac, so we need to decide between the two.

in httpd the change was (svn log):

r1301894 | fielding | 2012-03-17 09:58:59 +0100 (Sat, 17 Mar 2012) | 2 lines
Unregistered media types in common use, according to Wikipedia and MS

Doing a little search does not result in any of the two variants being 
obviously correct. So for now I add audio/flac to TOMCAT_KEEP and we 
stick to our decision (done in 1845472).

And then:

% res/scripts/ -m /shared/build/dev/httpd/svn/httpd \
     /path/to/mime.types -i conf/web.xml -o conf/web.xml-new
New file 'conf/web.xml-new' has been written.

% diff -u  conf/web.xmlconf/web.xml-new

No output, so no changes, nothing to update.



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