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Subject [Bug 62791] SecureNioChannel fails with "IllegalArgumentException: You can only read using the application read buffer provided by the handler."
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 18:01:39 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Mark Thomas <> ---
I agree the check is pointless for the reasons outlined in comment #3.

Having looked at the openjdk source I think there is a lot of scope to clean
this up. The TLS spec specifies a maximum of 2^14. Java defaults to this or, if
jsse.SSLEngine.acceptLargeFragments is set, defaults to 2^15 to allow for
non-compliant TLS stacks. After that any renegotiation of the app buffer size
is only ever going to be downwards - not upwards - for any given session. The
same goes for the packet buffer.

I think we can remove the whole resize concept. We added it thinking the
language in the Javadoc meant it could be resized upwards but my understanding
of the code I have read is that it will only ever go downwards.

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