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From Igal Sapir <>
Subject Re: Download Link on the Tomcat website
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2018 20:27:21 GMT
On 9/1/2018 7:33 AM, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
> пт, 31 авг. 2018 г. в 20:49, Igal Sapir <>:
>> Currently links to the Download pages can be either to the whichversion
>> [1] page or the version-specific pages, e.g. "Tomcat 9" [2] etc.  It
>> will be very useful to have a generic download.html that is
>> future-proof.  For example, I am writing a blog post ATM and I want to
>> link to a download page that will work also for future versions of
>> Tomcat.  We can either create a new page for that, or add links to the
>> whichversion page, which would be easier but not necessarily better.
>> I can do that myself but wanted your feedback before I make any updates
>> to the site.
> IMHO, just link to the top page, "can be downloaded from".

Yes, for now I will do that.  I think that a good solution might be to 
link either the Column "Apache Tomcat Version" or "Latest Released 
Version" (better, IMO) to the corresponding version download pages.

If no one has an objection I can go ahead and add those links.

> I do not think that common landing page for downloads is necessary,
> though I have seen projects that have one.
> We can discuss what good examples are there.
> One certain thing: if such page is made, please make it static so that
> Release Managers wouldn't be required to update it for each release.

Definitely.  I wouldn't want to make anyone's life harder.

> Also we have other projects besides Tomcat here (mod_jk, taglibs, maven plugin).
> The top page has one (latest) announcement for each project and those
> have a download link.
>> Also, is Tomcat 9 considered the current Stable version or is it still
>> in Beta?  I don't recall seeing any announcements about it being Stable
>> but it's possible that I just missed that.
> It was not so long ago, though it feels like a lot of time has passed.
> All announcements can be found in the "old news" link on the web site,
> as well as in multiple archives of the "announcement@tomcat" mailing list.
> The actual votes are available in archives of the "VOTE" threads of
> dev@. Once a version is votes as "stable", it is announced as stable.
> There is not much magic here.
> Releases up to 9.0.0.M26 (2017-08-08) were alpha,
> 9.0.1 (2017-11-30) and 9.0.2 (2017-11-30) were beta,
> 9.0.4 (2018-01-22) was the first stable release.
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Kolinko

Thanks!  That's the information I was looking for.



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