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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Permalinks to presentations
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2018 16:19:02 GMT

On 3/29/18 9:51 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Am 30.03.2018 um 02:30 schrieb Christopher Schultz:
>> All,
>> Occasionally, we all have the need to give a reference to a presentation
>> to someone e.g. on the users mailing list. For example:
>> In that case, I gave a direct link to a specific presentation (my
>> Monitoring w/JMX presentation from ApacheCon NA 2016).
>> I think this isn't good for 2 reasons:
>> 1. Links are fragile. I may remove my presentation from
>> people.a.o/~username, that stuff may be relocated, etc.
>> 2. It may not be the most up-to-date version of that presentation. I
>> gave a similar talk at ApacheCon NA 2015 but the 2016 version is better.
>> If I do another one in 2018, presumably it will be the best, most
>> up-to-date one and yet I've emailed-out links directly to the 2017 (and
>> presumably 2015) version.
>> 3. It avoids the Tomcat "presentations" page. Presumably, someone
>> interested in one presentation may be interested in the others.
>> The alternative is to say "go to /presentations.html" and search for
>> "topic X", but as that page fills-up, I suspect people will be unlikely
>> to actually find and read the document. I think a direct-link is
>> probably best, if possible.
>> I'm wondering if there might be a way to fix these. My initial idea was
>> something like an "always up-to-date link to presentation X" where X is
>> whatever presentations we often refer to (e.g. Mark's "tracking-down
>> memory leaks in web applications"). That doesn't fix issue #3 but maybe
>> someone else has an idea.
>> What are our options when it comes to something like a URL which is an
>> alias to the "latest presentation X"? If I were in control of the web
>> server(s), I'd use something like mod_alias to perform a
>> temporary-redirect from to
>> people.a.o/~user/whatever. That just needs to be updated any time the
>> presentation is updated.
>> That's a little fragile, too, since anyone making a presentation would
>> have to register the presentation under a well-known name and then
>> submit requests to update it. That means work for someone here (likely
>> Mark, part of Infra). Is there a way we could do this such that any
>> committer could update such redirects?
>> Any other thoughts or ideas?
>> In order to satisfy #3 above, perhaps we could have a dynamic (or maybe
>> auto-generated but not actually dynamic) page which lists all the
>> presentation topics and floats the "requested" one up to the top.
>> Something like:
>> [Tomcat Presentations]
>> You have requested the latest version of "Monitoring Tomcat w/JMX". You
>> can find it here: [direct link to latest]
>> You may be interested in these other presentations as well:
>> * [Other topic A, link to latest]
>> * [Other topic B, link to latest]
>> * ...
>> Or even more good stuff: [link to /presentations.html]
>> WDYT?
> Our ASF link shortener seems to allow to edit shortened
> URLs later. So this would give us:
> - short auto.generated permalink or alternatively a self-chosen URI
> - the ability to change the target of the permalink if necessary
> I don't know whether only the creator of the original short link can
> edit it, but I think so. Just try the freshly created:
> and after you have seen the redirect, got the the mini-GUI at
> and see whether you can edit that link (ID) and let it
> point to another URL. When submitting the data it will ask you for your
> apache user id. The experiment will tell us, if any apache committer can
> edit any URL, or only the original creator of a URL.

I tried to edit yours, and it says:

Only the original author of this short-link (rjung) can override it!

Maybe we can persuade Infra to add a feature where, during the creation
of a URL ID, the creator can say "any committer can modify this" or


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