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Subject [Bug 59650] NIO2 connector does not respect executor bounds, reuses NIO.2 threads for processing request on connections
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 21:28:28 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Ravi Sanwal <> ---
Can it at least give the user some control put a cap on the number of threads?
May be I am not explaining my problem correctly.
Tomcat NIO2 connector still doesn't follow the rules of a defined executor
Why are the async channel group threads processing requests? They are not
supposed to. There is a dedicated executor for that.
Moreover, if this is allowed, what's the point of having an executor at all.

One of the reasons people use an executor is to limit the number of request
being processed concurrently. If we can't limit this by using an executor with
bounds, then the server may just get overwhelmed with unbounded number of

Anyway, there is still a way to limit the number of threads by not using an
executor but setting the bounds on number of threads on the connector itself so
that is an internal executor thus passing the ExecutorService check. So we may
have to resort to using that.

We should at lease fix the connector documentation for this behavior and
explain that it is better to not use an external executor by an internal one
specific to the connector.

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