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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Memory problems caused by the messageBufferText CharBuffer in
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2016 17:03:51 GMT

On 6/21/16 8:46 AM, Afaf Zahkya wrote:
> Hello,
> I m using tomcat 8.0.21.
> I want to send *up* to 4 MB of text messages through a websocket connection
> to my tomcat server. I set the MaxTextMessageBufferSize to 4 MB.Now as a
> result, every time I open a websocket  connection and I send a message , I
> can see that 4 MB are  being allocated in memory for the CharBuffer
> messageBufferText regardless of the size of the message I send . 99 % of my
> messages would be way smaller.The 4 MB  remain allocated in the
> messageBufferText CharBuffer even after the message is handled.  The
> connection can stay open up to 30 minutes in my case, and each  websocket
> connection is taking 4 MB of memory all of that time even if it's inactive
> which leads my server to eventually run out of memory even with inactive
> connections  . Note that I m using a Whole Message Handler.
>  Why not set the messageBufferText CharBuffer size to the payload length if
> it doesn't exceed the maxTextMessageBufferSize, and then clearing that
> buffer ( reducing its size) after the message is handled by the Handler, so
> that inactive connections don't take up memory. ( same for the binary) ?
> Any other / better suggestions on how to solve that problem ?

If you configure Tomcat with maxTextMessageBufferSize="4MB" but only
send small messages, do you get a small buffer? Or do you get a 4MB
buffer immediately?


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