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Subject [Bug 57707] Execute failed: Cannot run program "wine"
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2015 12:26:44 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Graham Leggett <> ---
Come on guys, the big exception you get screams "this is broken". Throw the end
user a bone and give them a message of some kind, even if that message is "this
is intentional".

The idea that you have to go off and read some obscure document before you can
build something is totally unreasonable. In the automake world I just run "make
dist" and I have a release. In the maven world I run "mvn release:prepare
release:perform" and I have a release.

Obviously the release is incomplete if you've added a "skip" option, that's not
a justification for wasting the end user's time.

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